Why You Should Be Wary of a Low Roofing Bid

It is common to feel a sense of relief when you secure a low roofing bid as it feels like a significant victory for your budget. But while it might seem like an excellent opportunity to save money, it could also signal many unforeseen problems. Reputable roofing contractor The Great American Roofing Company shares a few reasons to scrutinize a lower roofing bid before signing that contract.

Low Roofing Bid

It Could Indicate Lower Quality Materials

Lower bids might be a clue that the roofing contractor plans on using subpar roofing materials. Contractors can significantly decrease their costs by choosing less durable materials, which, unfortunately, could lead to frequent repairs or a premature roof replacement.

Subcontracted Work

Sometimes, contractors bid low because they plan to subcontract the work to a third party. While this may not always end badly, it could mean less control over the quality of work and make it more complicated to address issues or concerns directly with those working on the project.

Lack of Adequate Experience

Low bids may also suggest that the contractor may be inexperienced. Working on leaking roofs or a complete replacement is a complex endeavor that requires years of experience to diagnose and execute. To attract clientele, rookies in the industry might undercut their prices.

Possible Additional Costs

A low initial bid might not include the total costs of the roofing project. This practice, known as bait and switch, is where initial low prices are offered, but additional charges are later added, leading to a total cost far more than anticipated.

Compromised Permits and Inspections

Roof replacement or repair projects require specific permits and inspections to meet local building codes. A contractor offering a low bid might be planning to avoid these necessary steps, which could result in fines or issues if you decide to sell your home.

It May Signal a Lack of Proper Insurance

Some contractors may give a low roofing bid to fix your damaged roof because they don’t carry the appropriate insurance coverage. This means you could be liable for medical bills if an accident occurs during the project.

Choose a Reputable Contractor for All Your Roofing Needs

To avoid all these risks, work with a tried-and-tested roofing contractor in Upper Saddle, NJ. Call The Great American Roofing Company at (201) 825-2955 to discuss a comprehensive and fair roofing bid. You may also visit our contact page to request a free quote.