Why Should You Replace Your Roof This Spring?

Getting a new roof will not only improve your home’s overall appearance but also increase its comfort, protection and energy efficiency. Spring is the ideal time for many home improvement projects, including roof replacement.

Discover why you should have your roof replaced this spring from a trusted roofer.

Get It Done Faster

Spring isn’t as busy as summer for roofing contractors. When you choose to complete your project this season, you won’t feel as rushed. You also don’t have to wait long to have your roofing project scheduled. With spring being one of the slowest times for roof replacements, you’ll have more time to decide on what material, style, or color to choose.

Roofing consultants or project managers usually handle multiple jobs at a time. However, if you schedule your project in spring where they have less workload, they can focus more on you.

Your Roof Is in Bad Shape

While it’s possible to repair damage from hail, wind, and other harsh elements, some things are beyond fixing. You would need to have your roof replaced if it’s reaching the end of its life. Roofs can last between 10 to 50 years depending on the material.

If you don’t maintain your roof regularly, there’s a high chance you’ll have to get it replaced sooner than expected. Another thing that can contribute to the early failure of a roofing system is delaying roof repairs. Keep in mind that even small issues can cause major damage when ignored. You can get a free roof repair estimate from most roofers today.

Ideal Temperatures

It’s not too hot or cold during spring, making it an ideal season for roofing projects. When the weather is extremely hot shingles can expand and they can become brittle when it’s very cold. Your contractor is less likely to experience installation issues if you choose to get a new roof this spring.

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