When Is a Roof Replacement Better Than Getting Repairs?

If you have a damaged or leaking roof, you either need to get repairs or a replacement. Either way, you should address all roofing issues immediately. Waiting long to deal with problems will only worsen them and you may end up with water damage in other parts of your home.

Roof Replacement

Read on to find out when a roof replacement is better than repairs.

Your Roof Is More Than Two Decades Old

It’s essential to know the age of your roof because it will give you an idea of when it needs replacement. Is your roof’s 20th birthday coming soon? It may be more cost-effective to get a new one if your existing system is at least 20 years old and has been constantly experiencing issues lately.

Your Roof Is Sagging or Has Rot

A sagging, damaged roof would need to be replaced as soon as possible. Replacing your roof can help prevent further damage to your home. Signs of trapped moisture, sagging areas, and rotting boards are obvious signs you need a roof replacement.

Your Roof Has Organic Growth

Like mold and fungi, moss is not great to have on your roof. It could be a sign that there is trapped moisture that can severely damage the roofing system. You should hire professionals to remove moss from your roof, but dealing with what caused the problem in the first place will prevent it from recurring. Depending on how severe the damage is, you may need to get a new roof.

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