What’s the Ideal Type of Roof Vent for Your Home?

One of the things you need to consider when replacing your roof is the type of vent to use on your home. This component is essential in preventing moisture-related issues in your attic. However, it can be hard to choose which one is the best with all the variations available.

A trusted roof repair expert helps you choose the right type of roof vent.

Louvered Vents

Low profile or louvered vents are the most popular type of roof vent, which is used in millions of homes. They can come in either aluminum or steel and is typically installed to the rear of the house, so they don’t affect the roof’s aesthetic appeal. Four louvered vents should be enough to cover roofs of up to 1,000 sq ft.

Ridge Vents

This type of roof vent has no moving parts and stretches horizontally to improve airflow and heat distribution. Ridge vents allow warm, humid air to safely escape from the attic or crawlspace, creating a well-vented space. They can help prevent hot spots and uneven venting. Ridge vents are great for steeper roofs because they can blend in seamlessly with the rest of the system. They won’t harm the appearance of your roof and you can combine them with other vents to improve airflow.

Vent Caps

Like ridge vents, vent caps are also stationary. The cap conceals a hole in the roof and hot air escapes through the hole. They are usually found on the highest areas of the roof to improve air circulation within the attic. However, they don’t encourage airflow and you’ll need to have multiple vent caps installed during your roof replacement for sufficient ventilation. You’d need to have an attic fan or dehumidifier to maintain healthy humidity levels.

Turbine Vents

Also known as metal pot vents and roof exhaust fans, roof turbine vents uses large rotating blades to remove hundreds of cubic feet of air per minute. This type of roof vent works great in windy conditions. The soffits should remain in good shape to make sure new air enters the roof at the same speed that it’s escaping. Keep in mind that it’s not suitable for all roof types.

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