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What You Shouldn’t Hear Roofing Contractors Say

A roofing job well-done means hiring the right contractor. Contractors will always present themselves as experts, but how can you tell for sure? Professional roofer Great American Roofing Company shares what you should be on the lookout for. 

I Don’t Have the Necessary Insurance

Only hire a contractor that’s licensed to operate in your state. Make sure that they have a valid worker’s compensation and liability insurance. It frees you from responsibility if a worker gets injured on the job. It also covers some damage that might occur during the project, such as flooding. Make sure that all subcontractors also have insurance coverage.

I’m Not Familiar with The Type of Roof You Have

If a contractor has doubts about fixing your roof, don’t proceed with the contract. The contractor could cause more damage and a higher roof repair cost. Only hire contractors with proven expertise with the specific type of roof you have. The Great American Roofing Company offers only the best workers and products.

An Immediate Replacement Is Necessary

It’s wiser to seek a second opinion if your contractor suggests a roof replacement. This is especially true if it’s still too far from its estimated lifespan. Roofs can last for decades with regular inspections and maintenance. Go for replacement only if maintenance costs keep rising so that a new roof becomes cheaper.

Look For a Trustworthy Roofer

A great roofer understands the enormous burden of landing a roofing project. So much depends on its quality, be it a repair, inspection, maintenance, or a complete re-roof. Trust begins with honest advice, pricing, and a free roof repair estimate. Look no further for a trustworthy roofer.

You can trust in the highest quality when you choose The Great American Roofing Company. We cater to homes and businesses in the northeastern New Jersey area. Call (201) 825-2955 today for a free quote on roof repair or your new roof.