What You Should Know About Roof Shrinkage

If you have EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) or modified bitumen roofing, one of the issues you need to look out for is roof shrinkage.

What You Should Know About Roof Shrinkage

Roof shrinkage is the shrinking or shortening of the membrane, which coats your roofing materials. This membrane serves to protect your roof from extreme weather and temperature. So once it shrinks, your roofing becomes exposed to these elements, which can later result in roof damage.

The Great American Roofing Company, a top residential and commercial roof repair expert, discusses how roof shrinkage happens and what you can do to avoid it.

Causes of Roof Shrinkage

Roof shrinkage usually occurs due to poor manufacture or incorrect application of the membrane. Shrinking roofs tend to pull the flashings at walls, curbs and penetrations. The pressure from this can result in cracks, tears, ridges and eventually leaks.

The design of your roofing system can also affect the possibility of your roof shrinking. That’s why your roofing should be made to withstand shrinkage. Hire only a reputable roofing company experienced in installing EPDM or modified bitumen roofing.

How to Prevent Roof Shrinkage

Proper installation is the best way to prevent roof shrinkage. That’s why you should enlist the help of qualified and experienced professionals. By doing this, you can have peace of mind knowing that they have the skills and knowledge to ensure your roofing is installed correctly.

Also, hire an expert to check your roofing regularly. This way, you can detect signs of roof shrinkage early and fix the issue before the damage gets worse.

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