What You Need to Know About Ice Dam Prevention

After a heavy snow, take some time to look at your house’s roof and see if icicles are hanging from the eaves. They often indicate that an ice dam has formed on your roof, so check your attic for any signs of leaks. 

Learn ways to prevent ice dams and how to address them from a trusted roofer.  

How Do Ice Dams Form?

Ice dams form when the roof is too warm. When the snow melts and slides down the roof, it freezes again when it reaches the colder parts of the roof, near the eaves. Slowly, this can cause water to back up and find its way under the shingles and into the attic. 

The roof becomes warm enough to melt snow when the attic is not properly insulated. It allows warm air to rise into the attic space where it can melt the snow on the roof’s exterior. 

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Preventing & Addressing Ice Dams

There are two conditions responsible for the variation in roof temperature. The first one is the attic floor and walls aren’t well-ventilated. Warm air from the house can get into the attic through inadequate insulation. It may also steam up into the attic through the gaps in the thermal envelope. Poor attic ventilation is the second cause. A well-constructed attic is vented to the outdoors to circulate outdoor air and prevent the space from overheating. 

Increasing attic insulation and ventilation can prevent ice dams from forming. If that’s not an option, outfitting the roof near the eave edges with heat tape is another fix. With this method, ice dams will melt before they can form and back up into your attic. 

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