What You Can Do About Your Sagging Roof

Go outside and take a stroll around your home. If the ridge of your roof is starting to sink in the middle, there is a good chance that you are dealing with a problem many homeowners are dreading to encounter — a sagging roof. Not having enough structural support for the load is the main culprit behind this nightmare. Here, a roof repair contractor explains how to fix it.

 Sagging Roof

Why Do Roofs Sag?

A roof has to support loads like snow, ice, wind, sheathing and roofing materials and it starts to droop in the middle once there is too much weight for the existing structure. Generally, a sagging roof is likely due to undersized rafters or insufficient internal bracing. If a roof starts to dip in between trusses and rafters, the sheathing installed might be too thin for the span. Old age, improper design and failures of other supporting systems, such as the foundation, can also cause this structural problem.

How Do You Fix It?

Depending on the root of the problem and its acuteness, there can be a number of solutions for roofing structures with traditional rafter-style frames. Oftentimes, roof replacement contractors will reinforce the framing internally. However, if the roofing material requires immediate replacement anyway, they may recommend removing the old sheathing and installing stronger and larger rafters while the frame is exposed. On roofs with truss-style frames, severe sagging related to the framing is a serious complication that should be taken up with the builder of the home. Modifications to the original construction of any type of roofing should be examined closely and carefully by experienced builders or structural engineers.

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