What Sets Soffits and Fascias Apart From One Another

Any roofer will tell you that a roofing system is made up of various components that allows it to stand tall and protect your home from the elements. These components include the shingles, roof deck, and even the underlayment. However, when it comes to roofing systems, there are two components that are often overlooked: the soffits and fascias. But what exactly are these two and what makes them different from one another?


The soffit is an additional covering that is located along the edge of your roofing system, adjacent to your home’s walls. The reason why it’s installed in homes is to protect the rafters by sealing it in. However, not all homes come with soffits installed. Back then, soffits are usually made of timber but as usual, this makes them prone to rot and decay. 

Unfortunately, the rot could spread quickly and can compromise the overall structure of your roof. In response to this, manufacturers replaced timber with aluminum and uPVC to make them more durable and cost effective. To install a soffit on your home, simply turn The Great American Roofing Company, the roofing pros that offer a reasonable roof repair cost.


On the other hand, the fascia is a roof board that’s often seen on the edges of the rafters of your property. Their main purpose is to protect the roof structure and the building’s interior from being exposed to the outdoor elements. Apart from that, they also help block out your roof tiling, rain guttering, and water pipes that are attached to the roof’s exterior, which helps create a pleasing aesthetic for your home instead of leaving the rafters exposed and in full view. 

Like the soffits, they used to be made of timber but nowadays, they’re manufactured with aluminum and uPVC for better durability.

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