Underlayment: What Makes It a Vital Roofing Component?

Beneath the shingles is the underlayment. While concealed under different materials, it prevents leaks and water damage. Another thing it can do is help delay the need for a roof replacement.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of underlayment.

What Is a Roof Underlayment?

You will find the underlayment underneath other roofing components. It is a water-resistant or waterproof material that gives added protection against harsh elements and reduces the chances of a roof leak. When water penetrates the shingles, this component prevents moisture from entering your home.

What Are Its Different Types?


Almost two decades ago, the most popular underlayment material is asphalt-saturated. It was prevalent until the introduction of synthetic material and is known for its water resistance and flexibility. Its wide availability makes it one of the most affordable options today.


Currently the most-preferred underlayment material, non-bitumen offers better water resistance than its asphalt-saturated counterpart. A reliable roofer will suggest this material due to its weather performance. It’s also cost-effective because it is made for full application on the entire roofing system.

Rubberized Asphalt

Rubberized asphalt combines the benefits of asphalt-saturated and non-bitumen underlayments. However, it is totally waterproof due to its higher asphalt and rubber polymer content. It has a sticky back that comes with a protective membrane. This feature forms a waterproof seal between the underlayment and the deck.

Why Is Underlayment Important?

Together with the shingles, underlayment protects your home against water infiltration. When the materials above begin to wear out, the underlayment will give added protection from mold, rot, water damage and other issues. Make sure the material you choose is suitable for the slope of your roof and your climate.

Underlayment is also essential for your home’s curb appeal. It gives flat and even surfaces for shingle installation. With uniform shingles, your roof will look more aesthetically pleasing.

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