Tips for Choosing a Color for Your Roof

While choosing a color for your new asphalt roof is mostly a matter of design preference, there are a few practical considerations you need to take into account as well. 

The Great American Roofing Company lists some of the other factors you need to consider below: 

The Impact on Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

The color of your new roof, along with your home’s insulation, can affect your home’s energy efficiency. The closer a color is to white, the more heat it reflects, and the less electricity your HVAC system has to consume to keep indoor temperatures at a comfortable level. And the darker a shade is the more heat it absorbs, and the higher your cooling costs.

Local Climate 

In humid climates, dark-colored roofs tend to have a shorter lifespan because of increased heat absorption, which can, in turn, cause premature aging. 

Important note: The quality of the roofing materials used also affects your roof’s durability and lifespan. That’s why cutting corners on the quality of roofing materials will likely end up costing you more in the long run. Remember: It’s important not to get preoccupied with the roof replacement or roof repair cost. Focus instead on maximizing the returns on your investment. 

Your Home’s Exterior Design  

Your new roof should complement the other parts of your exterior. Remember: When it comes to exterior design, consistency is key. 

Using Classic Color Combinations 

Here’s a pro-tip: To quickly narrow down your options, find out which colors have been traditionally used in your home’s architectural style. There’s a reason why these color combinations have been used in architectural styles for hundreds of years. It’s because they work so well.  

Here’s an overview of some classic combinations: 

  • Red exterior – Dark brown, black, grey, and green

  • Light grey exterior – Grey, black, green, blue, and white

  • Beige exterior – Brown, black, grey, green, and blue

  • Brown – Grey, brown, green, and blue

  • White – The best thing about white is that it goes well with almost every color 

For more design tips, consult your local roofer

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