Three Things You Should Know About Roof Soffits

Are you aware of soffits? They are a finishing material, made of either fiber cement or wood, that are placed to cover the underside of your roof overhang. This material is also designed to keep the air flowing under the roofing system.

Roof Soffits

Any roofer would note that it is a primary part of your roof’s rafters with multiple functions, which makes it a worthy investment for every homeowner. To enlighten you more about its functions, read further.

  • Soffits help your building breathe. Its material is made as a passive ventilation unit for an attic. This maintains the warm moisture in the air from entering a condensing wind and creating mold. Keep in mind that a soffit is the most common and easy way to guard your roof frame and achieve air circulation to ensure your building is healthy.

  • Soffits prevent too much moisture. If you are residing in a humid area, rain and wind can push water under the eaves. This may cause roof leaks prompting you to spend on a roof repair cost. Remember that without proper protection of soffit, rain and moisture can make their way into your home. It prevents water from blowing into your home.

  • Soffits keep the insects and pests away. Small animals can easily cause damage to your roof, electrical systems and may also contribute to unhealthy air quality. Luckily, with a soffit, small animals won’t be slipping into your home through the roofline or gutters and nesting in your attic. So immediately call for a roofer when you notice there are issues on your system due to animals.

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