Things to Consider When Inspecting Hospital Roofs

Some are worried about roofing costs because they can be expensive. However, if you ignore problems until there’s actually a roof leak, you could be paying more for repairs. With regular inspection and routine maintenance, you can prevent extensive roof damage and extend the lifespan of your system.

Read on to learn things to consider when inspecting hospital roofs.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Get a professional roof inspection at least twice a year. It will give you the chance to preserve an expensive capital asset and enhance the service life of your roof. Facility managers are often surprised to hear that a roof replacement is necessary because the roofing system was neglected. If your facility’s roof is still repairable, there are different steps you can take to delay the need for re-roofing and significantly reduce repair costs. 

Things to Look For

Check your building’s exterior for bald or bare areas where roofing granules are missing from the cap sheet. Excessive amounts of granules on the gutters can indicate that your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan. 

Look for cracks on the parapets and acrylic domes on skylights or smoke vents. Check the caulking around roof penetrations for gaps or cracks. Immediately address loose, buckled, or damaged flashing. Mold and discoloration on interior surfaces is a sign that your roof is leaking. This is the same for areas on the wall below the roof deck. 

Hospitals usually have metal decks with structural or lightweight concrete that’s sloped to drain. When water infiltrates the roof membrane, it can saturate the concrete deck. Water can leak through the roof and get absorbed by the concrete for years before becoming an active leak inside the facility. Keep in mind that addressing this issue can be more expensive than replacing the roof.

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