The Top 5 Causes of A Voided Roofing Warranty

A warranty is important to almost every homeowner, especially if their roofing system sustained a significant amount of damage. After all, the warranty will help them get their roof repaired or replaced at no cost from their own savings so it’s understandable if homeowners can be protective of it. However, there are actually some factors that you may not even realize that can void your roofing warranty. If you want to avoid it, it’s best that you know what those factors are.

In this post, commercial roof repair experts from The Great American Roofing Company discuss the five common causes of a voided roofing warranty.

1. Improper Installation – Residential roofs are complex systems that have to be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Any shortcuts or disregards to the specifics of the installation can cause damage to the system and easily puts your roofing warranty at risk. Therefore, always hire the best contractor to avoid any installation problems.

2. Roof Cleaning via Pressure Washing – Moss on your roof can damage it over time due to the moisture it traps against the surface of the roof, so it’s understandable if you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. However, keep in mind to avoid using a pressure washer with a high setting when cleaning your roof. This is because shingles aren’t designed to withstand close range pressure washing and doing so will cause the roofing granules to deteriorate. The premature deterioration can cause your roofing warranty to be voided.

3. Poor Ventilation – Proper attic ventilation is important if you want your roof to last longer than it’s meant to. Unfortunately, not many roofing contractors properly ventilate the roof they install, which can cause a host of roofing problems that aren’t covered by your warranty. With that in mind, only work with an experienced roofing company to ensure that your attic is adequately ventilated.

4. Installing The New Roof Over The Old One – Installing a new roof over the old one will often void or shorten your roofing warranty. This is because the second layer of shingles will expend heat slowly and shorten the lifespan of the shingles. As much as possible, make sure that your roofing contractor doesn’t do this if you want your warranty to remain intact.

5. Non-System Components – Residential roofs are often composed of specially engineered components, so your roof provides maximum performance so long as it’s paired with parts from the same manufacturer. Therefore, if you use components made by other manufacturers, the integrity of your roofing system will be compromised and will likely void your warranty.

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