The Advantages of Getting Modified Bitumen Roofing

Flat roofing is one of the most popular types of roof installed in both residential and commercial properties. One that especially stands out is modified bitumen roofing. What are the advantages of getting this type of flat roofing? Here’s a rundown from the most trusted roofer in the area.


Despite its cost, modified bitumen roofing has a surprisingly long lifespan. A well-maintained bitumen roof can easily last for more than a couple of decades without showing signs of weakening. Beyond that, a bit of extra care and maintenance can extend its life by a considerable amount. Speaking of which…

Low Maintenance

Modified bitumen roofing doesn’t rot or rust unlike metal and wooden shakes. This means you get to spend less on maintenance over the course of its lifespan. Furthermore, a free roof repair estimate will show you that fixing punctures or tears on your modified bitumen roof can be a lot cheaper than replacing missing shingles or damaged roofing panels.

Energy Efficiency

Because modified bitumen roofing has a high thermal resistance, it does a great job at keeping the heat from seeping into your property. This makes it easier for the HVAC system to regulate indoor air temperature without using up too much energy. As a result, the energy consumption goes down and you get to save on your monthly electricity bill.

Protection from Rain

Shingle and tile roofing can have gaps between individual pieces that could allow water to seep through the topmost layer. Because modified bitumen roofing has a watertight seal, it’s less likely to suffer from moisture damage beneath the surface. This also helps lower the total roof repair cost of your roof over the course of its lifespan.

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