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Staying on Schedule with Your Commercial Roofing Project

Time is of the essence when it comes to commercial roofing projects, as any delay can throw an entire roofing project off-schedule and potentially affect the building’s tenants. In this post, commercial roof repair and replacement expert The Great American Roofing Company offers some ways to help you stay on schedule. 

Prepare Ahead for Commercial Roofing Permits

Commercial reroofing projects have strict guidelines on project approval. They must first undergo building inspections and the approval of construction permits. To reduce possible delays due to such red tape, make sure you consult experienced professionals. They know how long the permit process often takes and are familiar with local policies. Keep all documentation in order and handy to hasten the permit processes. And, allow enough time for inspections and permit approvals.

Do Your Own Thorough Inspection Beforehand

Do your own thorough inspection of the project area before beginning. The unexpected always causes the biggest delays in any commercial roofing project. Discover structural issues beforehand to be more prepared. You will reach more realistic expectations on completion dates and roof replacement cost.

Prepare for Inclement Weather 

No one can control the weather, but planning ahead for inclement weather can be the next best thing. To avoid delays due to poor weather study seasonal weather patterns. This is the key to minimizing weather-related delays. Include extra time for rainy days in your project planning.

Consistent Communication with Vendors and Subcontractors

Proper communication with vendors and subcontractors will help you meet project deadlines. Stay on top of potential material shortages and find other sources for your job. Unavailability of materials or labor can set you back quite a lot. Keep an open line of communication with the roofing company, vendors, and subcontractors.

The Great American Roofing Company will complete any roofing project without delay. We will also ensure not to cause any interruption in your business during the project. We cater to homes and businesses in the northeastern New Jersey area. Call (201) 825-2955 today for a free quote on roof repair or your new roof.