Roof Wear and Tear: Why Insurance Won’t Pay for It?

Within the field of homeowners’ insurance roofing claims, wear and tear are one of the most often cited grounds for insurers to refuse claims. “Wear and tear” according to a roof repair company refers to the damage that occurs to your roof as it ages, most notably as the roof reaches the end of its useful life. 

Roof Wear and Tear

Since normal wear and tear is nearly always prohibited under the terms of your insurance policy, insurance carriers will refuse a claim if they believe the alleged damage was caused by normal wear and tear rather than a covered event, such as a storm or hurricane. 

The Great American Roofing Company, a roof replacement company in New Jersey further explains in depth why wear and tear are not covered by home insurance and what repairs do they cover.

Why Doesn’t Insurance Cover Wear and Tear?

Ensuring your home against sudden or unexpected occurrences does not include normal wear and tear. Despite the fact that fire is covered by buildings insurance, a roof leak that hasn’t been properly maintained will not be. Home insurance normally does not cover if you fail to maintain your property or its contents and they break down or wear out because it is expected throughout the life of your roof. 

One more reason why your insurance won’t pay for typical wear and tear on your roof is that it’s expected to happen over time. Routine maintenance is normally included in your house insurance coverage if you want to keep it intact. Even if a roof is well-maintained by professionals, the aging process will still be retarded. Roof installation services will only be covered in the event of an unexpected natural disaster, such as extreme weather.

What Repairs Do Insurance Cover?

The majority of the time, damage to your roof due to unforeseeable circumstances is covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Windstorms and hurricanes are common examples of such natural disasters. Homeowners insurance usually covers the cost of roof replacement or repair after it has been damaged by falling trees or wind-blown debris. Repairs caused by wind and hail are sometimes included in insurance coverage, however, there are exclusions. 

Check your policy’s fine print to be sure you’re covered for everything. Adding hail and wind damage coverage as an add-on is required if you want it included in your policy. Once you’ve made a claim, you’ll need to know how to deal with the roof insurance claims procedure. 

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