Roof-Overs: The Pros and Cons

When you’re getting a roof replacement project done for your home, chances are the first thing you’ll think of is that your roofers will remove the entire roof before installing the new shingles. You’re not exactly wrong there as that is usually the standard procedure for roof replacements. However, according to experts, there is another option to consider when replacing your roof: roof-overs. 

In this article, The Great American Roofing Company, the pros to turn to for a reasonable roof repair cost, reveals the pros and cons of roof-overs.

The Pros of Roof-Overs

Roof-overs, or overlays, have plenty of advantages that make them incredibly attractive to most homeowners. For instance, they’re far more affordable compared to a complete roof replacement as they allow homeowners to save up to $600 and more by avoiding the removal of the old shingles, cleanup costs, and dumpster rentals at the same time. They’re also not as messy since, again, the old shingles aren’t being removed. Finally, they’re also faster, allowing you to save a significant amount on the project’s labor costs.

While it’s true that roof-overs do have plenty of advantages that can make you say “yes” to them immediately, don’t hesitate to ask an expert roofer for their advice on what’s best for your home first before you sign a contract asking them to perform an overlay on your roof.

The Cons of Roof-Overs

Despite the fact that roof-overs have a lot of pros to consider, they also come with a considerable amount of disadvantages as well. For example, it can add unnecessary weight to your roof, potentially compromising its structural integrity. Other than that, it also prevents you from detecting leaks, which in turn can allow wood rot and algae growth on your roof. Finally, it can also cause your new shingles to deteriorate earlier than expected since the roof-over can trap heat and moisture on your roofing system, baking it from the inside out.

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