Roof Damage Caused by Snow: Will Your Insurance Cover It?

Winter weather can do a number on your home, especially your roofing system. Heavy snow is considered a major headache this time of the year, and its weight can cause roofs to collapse. Your homeowner’s insurance should cover you for this kind of damage regardless of severity, but there are things you need to keep in mind before you file a claim.

Today, The Great American Roofing Company, your local roof repair and replacement experts, shed light on the matter.

Coverage Inclusions

In general, roof damage caused by severe winter storms and blizzards is covered by homeowner’s insurance. This includes roof collapses caused by heavy snow, melting snow from ice dams that find its way to the inner parts of the roof and the home’s interior and trees falling on homes due to strong winter winds.

What Insurers Look Into

It is a good idea to construct a claim with your insurer when your roof gets damaged because of snow and ice. Once it is approved, you can receive compensation that can then be used for your roof replacement or repair. Take note, however, that your insurer has to look at several variables and these often make the difference between getting your claim approved or denied.

For instance, your insurer may deny your claim or pay only a depreciated amount of the damage based on your roof’s age if it is found that your roof is already old and requires replacement before the damage occurred. Making sure your roof is well-maintained and keeping records of it is your best defense for this.

Remember that you’ll still have to pay a deductible even if your homeowner’s insurance covers most damage resulting from winter weather. That said, you must take preventive measures to ensure your roof and your home’s protection. Cleaning your gutters helps prevent the formation of ice dams. Proper attic insulation reduces the risk of snow collapsing on your roof.

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