Rippling in Asphalt Shingles (And What It Means)

You’ll want to get the most out of your roof system’s life and performance, and this means keepings tabs on its condition. Be especially wary if you notice rippling in your asphalt shingles because it almost always means that something is amiss. The trusted roofing specialist in the area, The Great American Roofing Company, explains what rippling in asphalt shingles can mean.

Asphalt Shingles

Damp Underlayment

Asphalt shingles should be flat and seamless with the roof, but if they’re newly installed, they may create a wavy look. This can happen when the underlayment — a thin strip of waterproof material — is installed under the shingles while it’s damp. It’s a common issue that resolves itself over time. Give your new roof a few weeks and the heat from the sun will gradually flatten the material. In time, you won’t even notice that rippling appearance, at all.

New Shingles Installed Over Old Ones

An asphalt shingle roof replacement can be done in two ways. You either have new shingles layered over the old ones, or have the entire roof system torn off before the new shingles are installed. For obvious reasons, the former is called a roof layover — a method of installation that’s more trouble than it’s worth. A roof layover not only produces an unsightly rippling look to the asphalt shingles but also puts unnecessary strain on the entire roof system. That’s because the extra layer of shingles stretches the roof load to its limit, compromising its structural integrity.

If you plan on having a new roof installed, go for a complete roof tear-off instead. It gives your new asphalt shingles a stronger foundation, while ensuring they’ll look flat and seamless on the roof surface. To ensure your roof tear-off is done properly and safely, work only with a reliable professional like The Great American Roofing Company.

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