Preventing Wind Damage on Roofing Systems

Aside from rain and snow, high winds can also lead to a damaged roof. With enough force, wind can bend individual shingle tabs back, causing them to crease, crack and break. In some cases, they can even knock a shingle entirely off your roofing system. This problem gets more pronounced the older your roof becomes.

Here are some helpful tips from our skilled roofers at The Great American Roofing Company on how to prevent wind damage on your roof.

Protect the Edges

Ask your roofing contractor to install good drip edges at the borders of your roof. Depending on how strong the wind can get in your area, you might want to consider using a metal drip edge. These additions can do wonders in helping your roof resist uplift from high winds. The edges of your roof are the most vulnerable parts to wind damage but a decent drip edge can help bolster its defense against uplift.

More Nails

Homes in places that get constant wind movement should always use additional nails to hold the shingles down on their roofs. Of course, a roof’s ability to resist wind damage is highly dependent on how well the roofing system is installed. Before getting any work started, talk to your contractor about your concerns when using extra nails to fasten shingles securely against high winds.

The Right Products

Some shingles are made specifically to withstand wind-damage. If a shingle gets knocked off its tab, you risk exposing the vulnerable underlayment underneath, leading to leaking roof problems in your home. Discuss different roofing options with your roofer to determine which products are designed for use in areas with high winds.

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