Making Sure Your Roof Is Protected by a Warranty

One of the most reliable ways to reduce your roof replacement cost is by having it protected by a warranty. Unfortunately, there are times when the current warranty might not be able to cover for the replacement? How do you make sure you and your roof is protected? Our experts share their insights on the matter.



Check Your Warranty’s Coverage


Just like with other types of warranties, a roof warranty has a certain level of coverage. Some warranties cover for damage caused by bad weather, others also include problems related to impact damage caused by falling debris, and the list goes on. If your roof gets damaged, you have to identify the cause and check if it’s part of your warranty’s coverage.


Make Sure You Have the Warranty Requirements


To have your warranty cover for you, you will have to submit a few documents as requirements. This is where being meticulous during roof installation pays off. Secure proof that your roof was installed by an authorized roofing company, complete with details on the actual installation’s specifications. It’s also important to make sure that the warranty came from the manufacturer itself.


Don’t Stop With Authorization


There are some cases where a roofer would claim that they were authorized by the manufacturer, but making sure that is the case by looking at other credentials is always a good thing. Other good credentials include membership with the Better Business Bureau® and a relevant roofing organization in your area.


Always Act ASAP


Just like with filing for an insurance claim, acting fast to get your roof fixed is a great way to increase the chances of your warranty covering for the repairs. Residential and commercial roof repair experts say that people who tend to delay fixing their roof can have their warranty voided because acting slow could be construed as neglect on the part of the property owner.


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