Lesser-Known Questions to Ask a Prospective Roofer

Part of the search for the right roofing contractor is asking the right questions. Local roofer The Great American Roofing Company recommends asking the following questions in addition to the usual ones about products offered, license and manufacturer certification.

What Kind of Insurance Coverage Do You Have?

Insurance coverage varies depending on contractors and their insurance providers, but they have many things in common. Ask your contractor for two types of insurance: general liability insurance and workers’ compensation. The former is covered in case of accidental property damage, while the latter, also known as “workers comp” covers physical injuries. These are standard insurance coverage that reputable contractors should have. Without them, you could end up paying for repairs of medical costs out of your own pocket.

Who Will Be on Site During Installation?

Roof repair and installation is a complex process, performed by several installers. Roofing work is typically overseen by a project manager or a company manager. The company owner may even oversee the project, as is often the case with local roofing companies. Ask your contractor how many installers will be coming over so you can estimate parking and staging areas.

How Will I Receive My Estimate or Quotation? 

The roof installation or roof repair cost is calculated at the end of the consultation. A physical copy of the estimate or quotation is usually provided after a day or two. Ideally, a contractor should come over and hand the estimate or quotation in person, instead of dropping it off in the mail. Alternatively, they should follow it up with a phone call. It shows that your contractor is thorough and is prepared to answer your questions about the documents before you sign it.

Do I Have to Sign the Contract Now?

Avoid contractors who use pressure tactics to get you to sign anything, particularly those who offer a “special price” if you sign the contract (or quotation, which is functionally the same) immediately. You should be given ample time to review and amend your contract before you sign them.

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