Less Common Roofing Questions

Any roofing project requires meticulous planning. However, it’s quite understandable if you have little to no idea of how roofing processes go. That’s why it’s important to ask as many questions as you can regarding the job. And to ensure that your roof replacement cost is worth it, don’t forget to also ask questions that are not frequently asked. Below are some of them:

Which Roof Will Last Longer: a Steep-Pitched Roof or a Shallow-Pitched Roof?

The durability of your roofing system depends on a number of factors and not just its pitch. For instance, a steep roof is usually less likely to collect leaves and debris, making it less prone to moisture damage and moss growth. But this same roof can also be vulnerable when it’s located in an unshaded area facing south. To ensure that your roof can last a long time, your roof system must be vented properly. Otherwise, heat can easily build up beneath the roofing.

What’s the Best Underlayment to Protect the Roof From Leaking?

Ideally, your roofing company should lay down an ice and water shield over the entire roof. This membrane is typically made of polyethylene and rubberized asphalt and it prevents water that has gone under the shingles from further penetrating the ceilings below. Additionally, the valleys should be covered with metal flashing.

Why Is Felt Paper Used in Roofing?

Felt paper is generally used as a release between wood and asphalt. Sap used to come out of the wood on roofing, and this tends to break down the backside of the asphalt shingles. But since this is no longer a problem nowadays, felt paper is now often considered as a lightweight protection against storm damage. In the event of a shingle or tile breaks during a storm, the roof still has a layer of felt paper to protect it from rain. Keep in mind that you may need a different weight of felt depending on the type of roofing product that you have.

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