Is Your Roof Ready for the Change in Seasons?

Seasonal roof repair and maintenance is an important part of keeping your roofing system in good working condition. Not only will it let you avoid any headaches from unexpected leakage problems, it could also add a few extra years to your roof’s life span.

This fall, our roofing professionals at The Great American Roofing Company recommends these routine maintenance steps to get your roof ready for the leaves, rain and frost of the season.

Gutter Cleaning

The muted yellows and oranges that give the fall season its vibrant energy is certainly a sight to behold. Unfortunately, the same leaves that color your surroundings could also spell disaster for your roof. Leaves, twigs, and other tree and plant debris often find their way into your gutters and downspouts. If these crucial water channels get clogged, you could be looking at roof leak problems, foundation troubles and a list of other serious issues in your home. Before the first leaf falls to the ground, have professionals clean your gutters to avoid clogging problems.

Getting Repairs

The last few days of summer are pretty much the best days to schedule any roof repairs that you might need. With the weather cooperating and the roofing companies not flooded with booked appointments, there’s no better time of the year to get all your roofing work done. Of course, this also means you’re getting your roof ready to face some of the rough weather that the incoming change in season brings.

Routine Inspections

It’s tough to fix something if you don’t know what’s wrong with it. This said, you should take advantage of the early fall to set up your annual roofing inspection. Having a professional check your roof for any problems can give you valuable insight on your roof. You’ll never know when you might just need some repairs or a full roof replacement entirely.

Trust our roofing experts at The Great American Roofing Company for all your seasonal roof repair, maintenance, and installation needs. Give us a call at (201) 515-2007 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote today.