Is a Complete Tear-Off Ideal for Roof Replacement?

To answer the title of this article, your roofing company says yes.

There are several reasons for this, some of which we’ll be covering in more detail below. One of the foremost, however, is that asphalt shingle roofs last for up to 20 years, and some homeowners don’t even replace their roofs even after the two-decade mark. Can you imagine how old and weak a twenty-year-old (or more) roof deck—which supports the weight of the entire roof—can be? Laying new shingles on it may cause it to collapse.

 Roof Replacement

In today’s post, we explore why we recommend tearing off the old roof completely before replacing it. 

Uncovers Hidden Issues

It stands to reason that tearing off the roof, from its underlayment to the old deck, can reveal problems that would have otherwise stayed invisible for another 20 years. Most old roofs would have developed issues like dry rot or mold growth over the years. Tearing off an old roof gives you an opportunity to deal with these issues before you ask for a quote for roof replacement cost.

Maximizes Roof Life Span

Because the roof is completely new, the roof will last far longer than an overlay, which consists of mixed parts of old deck and new shingles. Plus, issues with the old components will generally “infect” the newer parts, such as mold growth and dry rot. Meanwhile, the heat from the new shingles will filter down to the old deck, which will weaken an already weak part more than necessary.

Cares for Your Warranty

Finally, your warranty can be voided if you install the roof in a way that’s not recommended by its manufacturer. Residential and commercial roof repair and replacement contractors state that manufacturers’ warranty covers only if the roof was installed with new components and with a contractor that’s accredited by them. If you do just an overlay, the warranty may not cover your old components. And when the manufacturer’s representative sees that you’ve done this, they may void your warranty.

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