How Your Roof System Helps You Save Energy

Your roof system does more than protect your home from weather damage or improve its curb appeal – it also contributes greatly to indoor thermal comfort and energy efficiency. But how exactly does your roof help you save energy? The premier roofing specialist in the area, The Great American Roofing Company, shares what you need to know.

Roof System

Proper Ventilation

Sufficient roof ventilation remains an integral part of any roof system. Without the intake and exhaust vents to promote smooth and continuous airflow in the space, the attic can turn into a sort of oven, especially during the warmer months. There’s always a chance the excess attic heat will seep into your home interior, causing your air conditioning system to work overtime and consume more energy. But with proper roof ventilation in place, this should no longer be much of an issue, allowing you to keep cooling bills to a minimum.

Effective Solar Reflectance

Did you know your choice of shingle roof color can affect your home’s energy efficiency? You’ll find that lighter shingle colors are better at reflecting solar energy than darker ones. In fact, the more solar-reflective the shingles, the more energy-efficient they are. This is something to keep in mind if you plan on getting a new roof this season.

As a GAF Certified Master Elite® roofing contractor, The Great American Roofing Company has exactly what you need. Check out our GAF Timberline® CS Shingles. Designed using modern reflective technology, these high-quality asphalt shingles can significantly reduce the temperature in your attic, allowing for a cooler, more comfortable home in the warm season. By minimizing solar heat, GAF Timberline CS Shingles can help you save on annual air conditioning costs. How energy-efficient are these shingles, exactly? They’re ENERGY STAR®-qualified, so you’re sure they’ve met – even exceeded – stringent energy performance standards.

Roof Installation Done Right

If you do decide on getting solar-reflective GAF shingles, make sure to choose a certified roofer like The Great American Roofing Company for their installation. We combine superior workmanship and customer-first service, ensuring you’ll get not only high-quality results but also a more positive and rewarding experience. Your complete satisfaction is one of our top priorities, after all.

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