How to Protect Your Exterior During a Roof Installation

Any kind of roofing work is messy, even more so when it involves removing the old roof in its entirety. A good roofer would already have measures in place to protect your property, however it wouldn’t hurt if you take some steps to ensure the same. In today’s post The Great American Roofing Company shares tips that can help protect your exterior during a roof installation.

Roof Installation

Clear the Yard

Once you have confirmation of the installation date, start clearing the yard of things that may get damaged or get in the way of roofing installers. Remove outdoor furniture, decorations and potted plants from the vicinity of the work areas. In addition to clearing work paths, you’ll also need to make space for dumpsters and roofing materials.

Protect the Landscaping

Shrubbery and other plants that can’t be moved will need to be covered. Roofers will take care not to drop debris on them, but dust, chemicals and small pieces can’t be avoided so you have to cover them with protective sheeting. It is also possible to construct temporary framing around the plants to reduce the likelihood of damage caused by falling debris, but they must be installed ahead of time. Also, if you have trees on your property, having them pruned with a clearance of at least 10 feet from the rooftop will also allow easier access, as well as prevent potential damage to the new roof.

Cover the Ground

You can also choose to cover the yard with heavy-duty tarps to catch falling debris and nails, which can help cleanup easier and reduce the risks of accidents caused by loose nails. However, tarp on the ground may be a slipping risk, so you’ll want to talk to your roofer whether they will ensure nail removal when they clean up after installation.

Protect the Windows and Siding

A standard roof’s edge would be far enough from the exterior walls that the risk of damage during roof installation is minimal. However, damage or scratches caused by misplaced tools or hardware is not unheard-of. You can choose to build the plant framing described above to include protection for the exterior walls.

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