How to Choose Concrete Roof Tile Colors

Traditional clay tile roofing is regarded as one of the best roofing materials available, yet its color selection is limited to terracotta. Concrete tile, on the other hand, offers a better selection of colors. In today’s post, the local roof replacement contractors at The Great American Roofing Company share tips on how to choose concrete tile colors for your home.


Choose a Style That Complements Your Home

Unless your local HOA has anything to say about it, you should be able to choose any roofing system that looks best for your home. While most people are familiar with barrel-style clay tiles, concrete tile is available in other styles and profiles, which makes selection more flexible.

This means you can enjoy the benefits of tile roofing without being limited by architectural styles. For instance, if your home looks great with slate roofing (or currently has slate-style asphalt shingles), then a similar concrete tile roofing would be perfect.

Research Color Options

Concrete tile roofing lasts much longer and is less likely to spring a roof leak, compared to most other roofing systems. Therefore, it’s important to choose a roof color that will stand the test of time. Take the time to research color options that work with your home. Colors that complement the siding is always a good choice, however, you should keep in mind that your concrete tile roof will outlast your siding. Colors that are associated with your home’s architectural style can also be a good starting point when looking up roofing colors.

Ask for Physical Samples

Colors look different on a computer screen than in real life. Once you have narrowed down your choices to a handful, ask your roofing contractor for roofing samples or swatches. Set them against a part of your home where you can see them with your home’s siding, then view them at different times of the day. Some colors look different depending on the time of the day, and looking at physical samples can help narrow down your choices.

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