How Susceptible Is Your Roof to Wind Damage?

Wind can lift your roof shingles since pressure from the wind can build up in the roofline corners, edges and above the roof during a storm. By familiarizing yourself with the factors that could affect your roof’s susceptibility to wind damage, you can better prepare your home and avoid roof damage.

Wind Damage

Here are some factors to consider to know if your roof is susceptible to wind damage.

Local Weather Patterns

If you live in an area prone to high winds, your roof’s design and material should be made for that kind of weather. Being exposed to such a weather condition will not necessarily make your roof more prone to wind damage. However, having the right roofing material is crucial to its durability and performance.

Roof Shape

Depending on the shape of your roof, it can retain more wind pressure and thus be more prone to wind damage. For example, high-pitched gable roofs are susceptible to uplifts, especially with their extended overhangs. Roofs with wide overhangs tend to suffer more from high wind pressure than four-sided hip roofs.

Roof Nails

Dependable roofing contractors will inspect your roof’s decking material and the nails used during the installation. The nails should have the right size so that they securely attach the shingles to the decking. The right pressure should also be used when nailing the shingles. If these things weren’t followed during roof installation, the nails may fail to keep the shingles on your roof during a storm.

Flawed Workmanship

Professional roofers always ensure proper shingle alignment and roof installation. They maintain quality workmanship by checking the flashing and making sure the roof is weathertight to reduce possible uplift. You won’t have problems working with certified roofers because they were trained to follow all the manufacturer’s installation instructions, ensuring good workmanship.

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