How Roofing Contractors Win the GAF® President’s Club Award

A roofing contractor can win numerous awards from various entities in the industry. While all are helpful accolades to have in their belt, there is an award that is one of the most sought after by roofers: the GAF President’s Club Award. This award means that a contractor represents the best of the best and has established itself by meeting the three required categories. But what exactly are these categories?

In this article, 2018 GAF President’s Club awardee The Great American Roofing Company tells you how contractors win the GAF President’s Club Award.


Reliability is one of the three requirements that a roofing company must meet in order to attain the GAF President’s Club Award. To meet this requirement, a roofer must have a history of selling 10 or more Golden Pledge® Limited Warranties to homeowners for at least seven years. If they meet this requirement, they’ve completed one step towards earning the award.


Compared to the Reliability criteria, a roofer has more challenges to overcome before they pass the Performance criteria. In fact, a roofer must install and register 50 Golden Pledge® Limited Warranties, be a two-time Triple Excellence winner, and they must have a consumer rating of 4.5/5.0. Doing so will prove a contractor to be a competent professional that can perform their jobs well.

As a 2018 GAF President’s Club Award recipient, The Great American Roofing Company has proven themselves more than capable to fix any roofing task there is, such as repairing a damaged roof or replacing an old one. With that in mind, don’t hesitate to turn to them to handle any of your roofing woes.


On the other hand, in terms of service, a roofing company must have an annual warranty income that exceeds $60,000. Should a roofer complete all three categories, they are now eligible to receive the GAF President’s Club Award.

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