How Much Hail Damage Can Your Roof Endure?

In areas where hail falls frequently, it can sometimes be tempting to put off roof repairs for later, if only to make the most out of repair costs. However, at some point, the amount of accumulated damage may reach the point where you’ll need a new roof. But how much is too much? In today’s post, The Great American Roofing Company takes a look at how much damage a roof can take before it requires roof replacement.

Hail Damage

The Effects of Hail Damage

Hailstones have the same effect as impact damage caused by airborne debris: the bigger and heavier the object, the more pronounced the damage. Large hailstones, at least one inch in diameter, can cause significant damage to the rooftop, sometimes not visible from the ground. Larger hailstones can pierce the outer roofing layer altogether — even down to the decking — and cause moisture infiltration.

On asphalt shingles, impact damage can create cracks and dents on the roofing surface. The granules that protect the outer surface can get dislodged, exposing the asphalt layer to deterioration caused by UV radiation that can later lead to premature damage. On metal roofing systems, hailstones can cause anything from unsightly dents to cracks that can result in a roof leak. Roofing systems with rigid outer roofing like tile and slate are not as vulnerable to impact damage, but with enough force, large hailstones can shatter the outer roofing layer upon impact.

How Long Can Your Roof Endure Hail Damage?

If properly built, a standard roofing system can endure conditions worse than hailstorms. However, roof leaks (with the exception of storm damage) don’t happen overnight; they develop over time. As mentioned above, cracks and dents can be invisible when viewed from the ground. This makes it easy to overlook and for a homeowner to assume that the roof is just fine. The problem is, wear and tear will only turn the smallest cracks into larger fissures, eventually resulting in leaks.

This is why hail damage repair must not be put off — in fact, it should be done as soon as possible. If you are concerned about the repair cost, your homeowners’ insurance policy may have coverage for hail damage repair. It’s also worth noting that the comparative costs of fixing leaks caused by delayed repair work will always be less, and may even prevent an early roof replacement.

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