How Asphalt Shingles Are Made

Asphalt shingles are one of the most common roofing materials used in residential homes. They come in many colors, styles and shapes and offer homeowners a cost-effective way to replace a damaged roof while also adding curb appeal. This article will explain how asphalt shingles are made so you can better understand what goes into them.

Cutting the Pieces

The first step in the asphalt shingle manufacturing process is cutting the pieces of asphalt-saturated felt material into specific shapes and sizes. This is done using a die cutter which presses down on the felt and cuts it according to specifications. The shapes can range from rectangles, squares, hexagons or any other shape needed for a particular design.

Adding Mineral Granules

Once the pieces are cut, they are sent through a machine that applies mineral granules to the top of each shingle. The mineral granules help protect against UV rays and weathering. They also add color and texture to the shingles, allowing them to match your home’s exterior aesthetic better.

Applying Heating Technique

The next step is applying a heating technique to the shingles. This can be done with either hot air or infrared radiation. The heat helps activate the asphalt in the felt, making it more flexible and allowing it to adhere better when applied.

Connecting Corners (Stitching, Sewn-on or Glued Down)

Once the shingles have been heated, they are connected at the corners. This can be done by stitching, sewing on a piece of fabric or gluing down. This helps ensure that each shingle is securely attached and will not come apart when exposed to rain or wind.

Finishing Touches (Adhesives)

The final step is applying adhesives to the shingles. This helps seal them and ensures they will remain firmly attached during extreme weather conditions. Depending on the type of adhesive used, it can also provide additional protection against water infiltration and other forms of damage.

Quality Check

Now, before the asphalt shingles are sent to their final homes, they go through a quality check. This involves inspecting each shingle to ensure it is up to the manufacturer’s standards and will provide maximum protection for your home. If any issues are found, they are usually addressed before the shingles are installed on your roof.

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