Hail: Factors That Decide The Damage It Does to Your Roof

As every homeowner knows, hail is one of the biggest threats that your home’s roofing system can ever face. In fact, it can completely destroy your roof if given the chance. However, according to experts, there is a way to determine how much damage hail can do to your roof and if you want to protect your home’s roofing system much better, it’s best that you learn what these factors are. 

In this article, The Great American Roofing Company, the experts to approach if your home is suffering from a damaged roof, discusses the factors that can decide how much damage hail can do to your roof.

Roof Age and Condition

As expected, the age and condition of your roof can determine how much damage hail can do to your roofing system. This is because as time goes by, your roof weakens, especially if it wasn’t well-maintained. This prevents it from withstanding the damage that hail can do in the process. As such, it’s best that you either keep your roof as well-maintained as possible or have it replaced if necessary to prevent it from suffering from major damage during a hail storm.

Physical Barriers

Any roofing contractor will tell you that physical barriers like tall trees, landscaping, or even the neighboring structures such as fences or adjacent buildings can help reduce the damage that a hail storm can do to your roof. This is because, with these physical barriers, your roof can be adequately protected from the impact of hailstones.

Hailstone Size, Density, and Shape

Finally, the size, density, and shape of the hailstone that hits your roof can also determine how much damage it’ll sustain. According to experts, any hailstone larger than 3cm is said to wreak the worst damage to your roof. Larger hailstones, accelerated by high winds, on the other hand, can do even worse damage to older and weaker roofing systems while jagged hailstones with rough edges are more powerful and more dangerous on impact.

If your roof has multiple layers of shingles, on the other hand, roofers say that it’ll be more vulnerable to penetration from smaller hailstones as they can strike the soft support area beneath the top shingle layer of the roof.

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