Common Flat Roofing Problems and Maintenance Fixes

Having a flat roof offers several advantages, including energy efficiency and having it used as a secondary outdoor space. However, you also have to be more mindful of its maintenance, so you need to watch closely for any sign of damage, leaks and other problems. They should be addressed as soon as they’re spotted, or else they’ll get bigger over time and you’ll be forced to get a roof replacement sooner than expected.

If you’re not sure how to properly maintain your flat roof, our team at The Great American Roofing Company has put together below a quick guide to help you out.

Common Problems You’ll Encounter

  • Pooled Water – When it rains or snows, there’s hardly anywhere for the precipitation to go on your flat roof. As a property settles over time, the roof itself will shift a bit and not be as level as it was when it was first installed. This may cause rainwater to pool in divots and dips on your roof.
    Of course, most roofing materials are manufactured to hold up to water, it’s still recommended that these pools should be drained as soon as possible and check to make sure that water doesn’t seep into lower layers of your roof. Otherwise, the pooling will deteriorate the exterior of your roof and shorten its lifespan.
  • Leaks – Just like any other roofing system, it can develop leaks over time, but since it’s a flat roof, the water doesn’t have anywhere to go but straight down. A leak can be caused for a variety of reasons, such as cracks in the sheathing, flashing issues, and fungus growth, as well as blistering and weather damage. If you’re already having this problem, hire a trusted roof repair contractor to address the issue immediately.

Helpful Maintenance Fixes

  • Sweep Your Roof Regularly – In some cases, flat roof owners have seen saplings take root after they let their roof maintenance go for too long. Leaving saplings as they are on your own flat roof isn’t ideal, as they tend to grow on existing cracks which only makes them bigger as they grow. Make sure to sweep your roof regularly to prevent this from happening.
  • Inspect Your Roof – Having a flat roof means you should have more regular maintenance performed if you want to keep it in its best condition. Keep in mind that rainwater outlets on your flat roof’s drainage system can be easily blocked by windswept debris. This is especially apparent in the height of autumn when the leaves are falling fast. We recommend installing a leaf guard on your gutters, but you should still have them cleaned from time to time to ensure that they’re completely clean and free of debris.

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