Commercial Roofs: Tips on Preventive Maintenance Inspections

The roof is a significant investment in your business, so you must pay attention to it. You should be proactive when it comes to maintaining your commercial roof. The-fixing-it-when-it-breaks mentality will only cost you more in repairs.

Your trusted roofing company shares tips on preventative maintenance and inspections for commercial roofing.

Get Rid of Debris

Make sure to remove all kinds of debris from your roof like gravel, dirt, leaves, and twigs. They can retain water if they remain on the roof. Constant moisture can result in roof damage and promote algae and mold growth.

Clear Drains

Clearing field drains and auxiliary drains can prevent ponding, which can cause leaks or structural damage.

Check the Roof Surface

For single-ply roofs, look for holes, cracks, or fastener back-out. On built-up roofs, check for missing gravel or exposed felts. Examine roof seams and transitions for cracks or holes and have them sealed. This inspection will help you determine the overall condition of your roof and if repairs or a replacement is needed. If you need help with your roof repair or roof replacement cost, get in touch with The Great American Roofing Company.

Inspect Roof Penetrations

Check the pipes, drains, and other components that stick out through the roof surface. Roof penetrations are prone to leaks, making it important to examine HVAC units, conduits, vents, gas lines, rain collars and pipe books. Any problem with a roof penetration should be addressed by a professional.

Assess Rooftop Perimeter

Your roofer should inspect the roof perimeter and take note of any areas of concern. This includes soft spots, mold, or algae. They should inspect the flashing at walls and curbs for holes or damage.

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