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Commercial Roofs: 4 Ways You Can Extend Its Lifespan

Compared to residential roofs, a commercial roofing system can be a bit more challenging for any property owner to take care of. This is because not only does a commercial roof lack a slope but it’s also larger than residential roofs. Since commercial roofs are often used in buildings used for businesses, you’ll want it to last for as long as possible. Otherwise, the livelihoods of others could be put on hold. Thankfully, you can actually help a roofing system last much longer than expected.

In this article, The Great American Roofing Company, the expert roofers who offer a reasonable roof repair cost, lists the four ways you can extend the lifespan of your commercial roofing system.

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  1. Stay Off the Roof – A commercial roof may be flat and suitable to stand on but that doesn’t mean that you should constantly be on your roof. In fact, according to experts, just a few steps can cause some serious damage to your roof, especially if it already has a few decades behind it. As such, experts strongly recommend that you either stay off the roof entirely or install walk pads on the roof. That way, you don’t damage the membrane if you need to access the roof often.

  1. Have the Roof Inspected Regularly – If you want your commercial roof to last longer, one way you can do so is by having an expert roofer inspect the roof on a regular basis. By doing so, whatever damage it sustained in the past few months can be spotted by a trained eye and repaired immediately, allowing your roof to avoid major damage that can shorten its lifespan.

  1. Trim the Branches – On the other hand, if there are any trees near your building that have overgrown branches, be sure to have them trimmed every now and then. That way, they won’t snap and fall on your commercial roof to cause punctures that can allow leaks in your building.

  1. Clean the Roof – Finally, you should also make it a point to clean your commercial roof whenever possible. Remember; commercial roofs don’t have slopes and as such, dirt, debris, and water can remain there once they land. By cleaning your roof, you can eliminate any item that can retain moisture and damage your commercial roof.

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