Avoid These Practices That Could Void Your Roofing Warranty

High roof replacement cost totals mean that your brand-new roof represents a pretty major investment in your home. So it’s perfectly understandable to want to keep it protected at all costs. Protection could mean a number of different things, including being covered for any unforeseen problems that might occur that is completely out of your control.

This is where roofing warranties play a crucial role. The problem is many homeowners are not clear on what practices can make their warranties void. Let our roofing experts at The Great American Roofing Company show you some of the ways you can avoid throwing your warranty coverage off.

The Right Products, The Right Components

The material used in your roof and the labor rendered by your roofing company are covered separately by two types of warranties. Material warranties are often backed by the manufacturing companies themselves. However, they can get voided if your contractor decides to use non-system components in your roofing system. Discuss with your roofing company beforehand the tools and materials they’ll be using to avoid this problem.

Installation Problems

Some roofing products require contractors to undergo specialized training to truly maximize their performance and benefits. Having your roofing system installed by non-trained personnel could actually be a reason a manufacturer can deny a claim against your warranty. While reputable companies will cover the labor side of the problem, you’ll find it difficult to get the actual makers of the roof to cover the costs of a replacement if it was poorly installed in the first place.

Ventilation Issues

Humidity can be a cause for both residential and commercial roof repair troubles. Poor attic ventilation can damage wooden support structures and lead to an overall roof failure. Remember to always check your warranty for any clauses that include ventilation requirements as a term of consideration.

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