Are You Actually Working With a Non-Local Roofer?

Much of the success of your roof project is dependent on your choice of a roofing contractor. That’s why you’ll want to be picky about who you work with. The general rule of thumb is to avoid hiring a non-local roofer because they’re most likely storm chasers. These contractors arrive in areas that have just experienced a major weather event with hopes of doing plenty of roofing work. Unfortunately, the quality of their workmanship is usually subpar, leaving homeowners with an incorrectly repaired or installed roof and considerably less money in their bank accounts.

Non-Local Roofer

But here’s the thing – there are plenty of ways to identify a non-local roofer. For instance, you can:

  • Look into their phone number. Making a non-local contractor accountable for poor workmanship can be difficult, which is why it’s never a good idea to hire one. To determine whether a prospective roofer is from out of town, check the phone number they’ve given you. Consider it a red flag if the phone number turns out to be non-local.

  • Check their license plate. Most storm chasers drive their own truck, which may even feature the name and logo of their “business”. Ignore those and focus on the license plate instead. End the conversation and hire another roofer if the truck comes with an out-of-town or -state plate. To be doubly sure, you can even ask them to let you see their driver’s license. Are they refusing to show you their license? If so, it’s time to close the door on them.

Weeding out the non-local roofers from your list is also easy because:

  • They usually employ high-pressure sales tactics.

  • They’ll be asking for advance payment on work they haven’t done yet.

  • They’re the ones knocking on your door. The more trustworthy kind of roofer doesn’t drive around looking for work after a storm. You’ll need to call them yourself and schedule a consultation if you need their service.

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