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A Typical Roof Replacement Timeline: What to Expect

If your home has a damaged roof, it’s vital that you have it repaired immediately. However, at times, there are some instances when a simple repair can no longer resolve the issues that your roof is experiencing. Once this happens, the only thing you can do is have the roofing system replaced. In this post, The Great American Roofing Company discusses the typical roof replacement timeline to help give you an idea of what to expect.

A Few Days or Weeks Before Installation Day

A few days before installation day, you can expect a dumpster to be delivered to your home. If you’re recycling your old asphalt shingles, it’s possible your roofing company may deliver two dumpsters to your property. Apart from the dumpsters, they may also deliver the new asphalt shingles to your home.

Installation Day

When the installation day arrives, you can expect your roofing contractor and their crew to arrive on your property to begin the installation process on your home. Before work starts, however, be sure to take any appropriate measures to protect any valuable items in your gardens such as statues and planters. Apart from that, make sure that the gates are open for your contractors as well. That way, they can come and go without any difficulties. If you have any special requests, on the other hand, be sure to let them know before they start work on your home.

Final Day

On the final day of your roofing project, your roofer will do a final walkthrough with you so you can ensure that they’ve done everything according to your specifications. Other than that, the crew will also do a final sweep of your property for loose nails and debris.

A Few Days After Installing the New Roof

A few days after your new roof has been installed, you can expect your roofer to come to your property to pick up the dumpster. While they’re at it, a representative will also come to your home to do a general review and collect the final payment.

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