A Quick Guide to Low-Slope Roofing Maintenance

If you prefer a modern-looking exterior for your home, a flat or low-sloped roof is usually a good option to consider. However, since it is designed differently from traditional roofing, it comes with unique maintenance requirements that you need to take note of.

low slope roofing

The Great American Roofing Company, a trusted roofing contractor in the area, shares a few essential tips for maintaining low-slope roofing.

Clear the Drainage

Clogged drains are easiest to spot when it’s raining. On the next downpour, try to check your eavestroughs and see if it is overflowing — a sure sign that your downspouts are clogged. Make sure to call your trusted roofer to help you identify what is causing the obstruction. Typically, they would have to disassemble your downspout in order to effectively remove debris. This is especially needed if the blockage is in a hard-to-reach area like the elbows. But if the obstruction can be easily accessed, roofers or gutter professionals can simply use a stick or a plumbing snake.

Clean Your Roof Regularly

To avoid clogged gutters and downspouts, make sure to clean your roof regularly. Remove any debris, leaves and branches so that they won’t accumulate and gather around drainage systems. If there are trees surrounding your home, prune them regularly so that the branches won’t fall on your roof. Larger branches can cause structural damage that could result in a leaking roof. Smaller branches and twigs, on the other hand, could block your drains and cause water to pool on your roof.

Watch Out for Snow and Ice Buildups

Winter can be especially harsh on flat and low-sloped roofs. Snow is usually heavy, and it can cause trouble in drainage systems. For instance, when snow or ice thaws, the melted snow or ice could pool on your roof or in your gutters and then refreeze when the temperature turns cold again. Make sure that your roof is well-maintained so that it can have a better chance of withstanding the winter season.

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