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A Look at GAF’s Ridge Cap Shingles

Ridge cap shingles are typically the finishing touch to your roof. On top of that, they also help defend against leaks at the hips and ridges caused by wind-driven rain and ice dams. The Great American Roofing Company offers GAF hip and ridge cap shingles. As your trusted roofing contractor, let us show you how they differ from regular shingles with some additional GAF options. 

Ridge Cap Shingles vs Regular Shingles 

Standard shingles are a bit thinner and can crack or tear when folded over the ridge. Ridge cap shingles are thicker and come pre-bent and will not crack or tear. They have extra adhesive at the ends, to adhere to the shingle below and prevent blow off in heavy winds. They have a thicker nailing area that prevents tearing near nail holes. Being designed for the ridge, there’s no need for preparation, such as sizing and cutting.


This double-layer ridge cap shingle from GAF is the perfect finishing touch for your new roof. It protects the high-stress areas of your roof (hips and ridges) and prevents a leaking roof. Its 12” (305 mm) wide design covers most ridge vents. Its large 8” (203 mm) exposure adds drama to your finished roof.


This premium SBS-modified ridge cap shingles stress the beauty of your shingle roof. Their bullnose look and right size provide a more dramatic look than 3-tab strip shingles. They also provide enhanced limited warranty coverage than cut-up strip shingles. 


Add the perfect finishing touch for your new roof with Seal-A-Ridge ridge cap shingles. Dura Grip™ self-seal adhesive reduces the risk of shingle blow-off and a damaged roof. StainGuard® ensures them against ugly blue-green algae. Enjoy peace of mind with its Lifetime limited warranty.

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