A Guide for Customers: What Our Services Mean for You

Since 1974, The Great American Roofing Company has been the go-to roofer in and around Ramsey, NJ. Aside from providing our clients with top-notch roofing services, we are also committed to informing them about the best products and options available to them. We believe that it is our duty to offer expert advice and professional recommendations to help ensure that you always make the right choice for your residential or commercial property.

What Our Services Mean for You

Many of our clients complain of leaking roofs, damaged roof components, indoor discomfort and unappealing exteriors. As your trusted roofing contractor, we can help you solve those issues through our roster of roofing and exterior services.

How Our Services Can Help Improve Your Home

When you choose The Great American Roofing Company, you can expect to resolve the following problems in your home or building:

  • Costly maintenance and repairsRoof repair cost can become astronomical when roof damage is neglected over a period of time. With our roof inspection and maintenance services, we can identify and address minor problems before they turn into expensive catastrophes.
  • Indoor discomfort – An inefficient roof can drag down the comfort of your home or commercial property. Our cool roofing solutions can help you cut down on cooling costs and keep your property as comfortable as possible all year.
  • Insufficient protection – A roof should be strong enough to reliably provide the protection that your home needs. With our roof replacement and store damage restoration services, we can help ensure that your roof is in tip-top condition.

Learn More About Our Services Today!

There is a lot more that we can do for you! Call us today at (201) 825-2955 to learn more about our services. You may also fill out and send our online contact form to schedule an inspection, after which we can give you a free roof repair estimate.