A Basic Guide to Roof Flashing

A roofing system is made of various structural components and materials designed to work cohesively so your home remains protected against weather conditions. Shingles, gutters, and downspouts are often the most talked about roofing parts, but there are more components that are equally important. This includes the flashing — a material used to prevent water leaks and other natural elements from penetrating the roof. In today’s post, roof replacement experts from The Great American Roofing Company will discuss what roof flashing is and highlight the important role it plays in the roofing system.

What Is Roof Flashing?

The roof flashing is a strip of material that is customized to fit around other components in the roof. It secures the joints and areas that tend to receive a lot of rain water. This includes valleys, dormers, skylights, and where walls meet your roof. With the help of flashing, water is funneled into the gutters for proper drainage. 

Without it, your home will likely experience water-related issues that can translate into safety and health hazards, and lead to unplanned roof repair phone calls. Residential flashing is often made out of aluminum, copper, and lead.

Materials Used for Flashing

Before the introduction of sheet metals, roof flashing was difficult and time-consuming to install. Thanks to new innovations, modern flashing came into general use. Lead was one of the first materials used to construct flashing because of its impressive durability. However, the environmental and health risks attached to lead outweighed its useful characteristic. 

Another long-lasting metal used for flashing is copper, a relatively high-end material that can add visual impact to roofs. Aluminum is also commonly used and easy to form, but can degrade from contact with treated wood preservatives. PVC flashing, on the other hand, is not affected by treated wood, making it an ideal choice for deck building.

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