6 Items That Should Be Included in Your Roofing Estimate

Whether you’re having a residential or commercial roof repair project done for your property, it’s always recommended that you hire a professional roofer to get the job done in your stead. That way, you can avoid mistakes that will cost a significant amount to rectify. However, before you sign a contract and your roofing project could begin, you should always first get a proposal or an estimate, which should contain a few things.  

These include:

  1. Payment Information and Approximated Timeline – In a roofing estimate, one of the things that should be included is payment information and the approximated timeline of your project. That way, you’ll know the due dates for payments, the accepted payment methods and the projected completion of your roofing project.

  1. Full Work Description – In the roofing proposal you receive, experts also recommend that you ensure that the roofing company also includes a full description of the work, a list of the work being done on the roof, in writing so you’ll know what exactly is it they’ll be doing to your roof.

  1. Material List and Costs – The roof proposal should also have a list of the materials that will be used in your roof replacement project such as the roof covering, drip edges, flashing, underlayment, gutters and nails. The costs of these materials should be included in the proposal when the list is made.

  1. Means of Exit – Apart from the payment information and approximated timeline, a roofing proposal should also include a means of exit so both parties have a way of terminating the agreement without the fear of any penalties whatsoever.

  1. Insurance and Licensing – When looking over the roofing proposal given to you by your contractor, make sure that it includes information about their insurance and licensing. This is important as the licensing proves that they’re knowledgeable about your area’s building codes and are authorized to perform roofing work in your state. The insurance, meanwhile, frees you from any responsibility should one of the roofing company’s workers sustain any injuries while on the job.

  1. Warranty – Finally, any roofing proposal or estimate should also include the warranty information for the project’s materials and workmanship. This is to ensure that you and your roof are well protected should any defects due to the manufacturing or workmanship ever arise earlier than expected.

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