6 Common Causes of Roof Leaks in Winter

Winter in Upper Saddle River, NJ, can be brutal, with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. With this severe weather come various potential problems for your roof, including leaks. Identifying the source of any roof leaks before attempting to repair them is crucial.

Here are some common causes of winter roof leaks in Upper Saddle River, NJ, so you can prepare for the upcoming cold weather.

1. Ice Dams

Ice dams are a common problem in winter that can cause roof leaks. Ice dams occur when the snow melts on your roof, runs down and refreezes at the edge of your roof where it meets the eaves or gutter system. The ice barrier prevents proper drainage, leading to water buildup and leaks on the roof.

2. Improperly Installed Flashing

Improperly installed flashing is also a common cause of roof leaks during winter. When installed incorrectly, flashing can cause water to seep through and leak out of joints in the roof.

3. Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation can also cause winter roof leaks. Proper ventilation is important for keeping the attic dry and preventing moisture buildup, but if it is inadequate, moisture can collect on your roof and eventually lead to a leak.

4. Faulty Gutters

Faulty gutters are another source of winter roof leaks. The gutters on your roof can become clogged with leaves, snow, and ice, which prevents proper drainage and leads to water buildup and leaks.

5. Improper Insulation and Attic Condensation

Insulation helps keep your attic warm and dry, but inadequate amounts or incorrect installation can cause moisture buildup. Attic condensation occurs when warm, humid air from your home rises into the attic and condenses on the cold surfaces inside. This moisture can then seep through the ceiling, giving the appearance of a roof leak.

6. Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing pipes in the attic can become damaged or corroded over time, causing water to seep through the ceiling even though the roof is fully intact.

If you suspect a roof leak, it is crucial to identify the source and have it fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage. The Great American Roofing Company in Upper Saddle River, NJ, can help you with any roof repair or roof replacement needs. Contact us at (201) 825-2955 for a free estimate.