5 Key Aspects of a Roof Inspection

Professional roof repair specialists perform inspections that aim to detect more than the easily recognizable signs of roof damage. You may be able to spot missing or curled shingles as well as roof leaks, but a professional roofer has the tools to climb to your roof and closely inspect your roof for less obvious issues.

Roof Inspection

Here are five key things you can expect from a professional roof inspection.


Your professional roof repair specialist will note all loose and missing shingles during the inspection of the roofing material. They will also check for moss, corrosion and missing flashing, especially if the inspection is done after a strong rain or hailstorm. You can also expect your roofer to look for hidden signs of roof damage, such as shingle granule loss.


Much like a roof leak that has been ignored for a while, extensive damage to your roof structure will shorten your roof’s lifespan. That is why your roofer will check for uneven roof planes and sagging. They will also meticulously look into your roof’s vent, gutter system and roof penetrations if any.


Roof leaks can be extremely severe enough to cause water damage inside your attic, ceiling and interior walls. If your roofing materials have been exposed to moisture for an extended period, mold growth and wood rot could appear on your walls and ceilings. That said, roofers will also inspect the interior of your home for signs of leaks.


Roof replacement and installation specialists will check how your roof was installed or previously repaired. They will particularly look at the flashing on roof penetrations, such as skylights, vent pipes and chimneys.

Final Report

Your roofer will give you a detailed report on the condition and remaining serviceable life of your roof. Furthermore, using this information, they will offer recommendations that can improve and resolve your roof’s existing issues.

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