5 Essential Roofing Questions Before Buying a Home

When buying a new home, you need to know everything about the property to make an informed decision. Aside from learning about square footage and the neighborhood, you should also ask about the property’s roofing system.

Roofing Questions

Continue reading as The Great American Roofing Company lists five roof-related questions you should ask before making an offer.

1. Is the Roof’s Warranty Transferable?

Not all warranties are transferable. If one of the selling points of the home you plan to buy is a new roof with a new warranty, make sure to review the document. Check whether the warranty is transferable to the new owner or not. This is to make sure that when roof damage occurs, you still have an active warranty to protect your investment.

2. What Is the Roofing Material?

The roofing material indicates how long the roof is expected to last and how much maintenance it needs. For example, asphalt shingles can last for about two decades, while high-quality clay tiles can protect your home for a century or more. Other roofing systems require more upkeep while others need more attention throughout their lifespan.

3. How Old Is the Roof?

If the roof is nearing the end of its expected service life but still seems fine, consult a roofing contractor about the possibility of replacement. A roof inspection is usually the best way to know what you’re getting. Generally, a brand new roofing system is ideal as it guarantees zero issues for a long time.

4. Who Installed the Roof?

You need to know whether the roof was installed by a reputable contractor or not. Ask the seller about the roofing company and look them up. Reviewing the roofing company’s background can help you feel more certain about your decision.

5. How Were Repairs Made?

Depending on the contractor, roof repairs may not always meet the industry standard. To avoid spending money on subpar work, make sure your roof is inspected and repaired only by experienced and skilled professionals. Some of the signs of poor workmanship you need to watch out for are overlapping shingles, mismatched roofing materials and nailing mistakes.

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