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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Roof Lasts

Whether your roof is brand-new or many years old, there are surefire ways to keep it in the best shape for the longest possible time. The Great American Roofing Company presents these four ways to get the most from your roof. Pay attention as they will keep you from an early roof replacement

1.      Clean the Gutters

Clogged gutters ruin paint on siding and lead to a wet basementWhen leaves pile in clogged gutters, water can wick into roof sheathing and rafters and rot them. You can avoid this very costly damage by cleaning your gutters each fall and spring. If you’re not comfortable working on a ladder, hire a pro to do it for you.

2.      Trim Nearby Trees

If low landscaping surrounds your roof, it stays clear of leaves on its own. But if towering trees are nearby, leaves can collect in roof valleys or near chimneys. Moisture can accumulate in your roof causing rot. In a storm, branches can crash onto your roof causing a roof leak. Make it a point to trim overhanging branches.

3.      Keep Moss Away

In areas like the Northwest, moss can grow on your roof, particularly on wood or composition shingles. Moss needs to go because it traps water—which is a veritable no-no. Once the roof is free of moss, you can further invest in zinc strips to keep it from coming back and wreaking havoc on your roof.

4.      Don’t Allow Ice Dams to Form

Removing snow on your roof between storms might forestall leaks into your house. Use a roof rake to dislodge snow within three or four feet of the gutters. Work from the ground, if possible, to be safe. If you must be on a ladder, work at a position so the falling snow doesn’t push you over. Address inadequate insulation and air leaks in your attic to avoid ice dams and roof repair.

The Great American Roofing Company boasts of workers and products proven to be the best. We make sure your roof will last with our quality products and workmanship. We cater to homes and businesses in the northeastern New Jersey area. Call (201) 825-2955 today for a free quote on roof repair or your new roof.