4 Ways Humidity Affects Roofing Systems

Outdoor humidity levels may not have an apparent impact on roofs as rain or high-speed winds, but nevertheless, it can affect roofing systems. In today’s post, local roofer The Great American Roofing Company takes a look at the ways changes in humidity levels affect roofing systems.

Roofing Systems

  1. Moisture damage. High humidity levels can result in water vapor condensation that can infiltrate the roofing materials through gaps or holes in the roof. It would have the same effect as a roof leak, resulting in rot, mold growth and damage to the roofing structure. Regular inspections and timely repair can help prevent moisture infiltration.

  2. Corrosion. If you have a sheet metal roof, high outdoor humidity levels would increase the risk of corrosion in areas where the outer protective coating has worn off. This is why metal roofs have to be inspected regularly, and protective coating must be reapplied where needed. If your metal roof is due for a replacement, consider switching to corrosion-resistant materials like copper or stainless steel.

  3. Blue-green algal growth. The constant presence of moisture on the roofing surface can encourage blue-green algae to grow on your asphalt shingle roof. Blue-green algae (Gloeocapsa magma), technically a type of bacteria, appear as black or brown spots on a roof. They’re resilient against most outdoor conditions, including UV radiation. They can be removed by spraying the roof with a cleaning product or diluted bleach. You can also have copper strips installed at the ridges to prevent them from growing back.

  4. Pest infiltration. Insects and some small animals seek shelter in warm and humid places, such as an unfinished attic, which further underlines the importance of including it during roof inspections. Just as important is having access points — typically unrepaired gaps or holes — repaired as soon as possible. Also, have pests removed by professionals to ensure thorough removal and prevent future infiltrations.

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